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Review from George Rieswig - Musician, Portland, OR

I got the 803s last week· The venue was in a good-sized church, seating 400 people. Anyway, most of the music was just acoustic guitar, piano, and voices. But one song was done to a track, and the track had HEAVY synthetic bass drum on it. The cabinets sounded startlingly natural and clear on all the voices, never even seemed to breathe hard, and when the bass drum came in it was full, punchy, and loud!

These things sound every bit as full as cabinets twice their size, and they have tighter bass, better dispersion, and a more natural midrange. I don't know what kind of prayers you say over these things as you make them, but these are truly sonic and visual works of art. I am, to say the least, very pleased with my investment. So was everyone at the church who has an ear for music! I finally have a set of PA speakers that sound as good or better than my Klipsch's at home! Keep up the good work!"

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