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Lou Hinkley
phone: 360.312.3604
7060 Portal Way #120
Ferndale, Washington 98248

       Thank you for inquiring about Daedalus speaker systems. If you are interested in owning an amplifier that will do justice to your instrument, I will be glad to help. Feel free to call. I will be pleased to talk with you about your amplification needs. I am proud of these products and I am pleased to sell them direct. Upon receipt of your order and payment, your cabinet will be scheduled for construction. An invoice will be promptly sent to confirm the order and to advise you of shipping details and estimated shipping date.
     All Daedalus speaker systems and rack cases are hand built and carefully inspected, but in the unlikely event there is a problem I extend a two year warranty to the original purchaser.
       I enjoy the making and selling of these products, and I want you to enjoy both your purchase and doing business with me.
A few years ago I had to make the decision to either radically raise all my prices or stop selling through dealers. The choice was clear as I want working mucisians to be able to afford the best quality gear for their art. I have held the prices as much as possible and only sell direct. Since I really don't have any profit built into the pricing anymore I do have to fit the orders for pro gear in as best I can between the work of building fine home audio speakers (the home systems are what pay the bills!).

I look forward to working with you,
Lou Hinkley

Because of the almost "pro-bono" nature of our work with the
pro audio cabinets there is no longer a return or cancellation policy.
If a situation arises we will do our best to help but can make no promises.
These are arguably the finest acoustic intrument speakers in the world
and I want them to be available to working musicians. The only way I can
continue to do that is with your patience and understanding.

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