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Acoustic Musician Magazine, "Checking it Out," April 1997
       - James Jensen

       "Invariably, the care that goes into the making of anything will be released in its use" is a very important axiom to Lou Hinkley and his company, Daedalus Cabinets. While marketing products as the end result of Old World Style craftsmanship is all too common these days, unfortunately, delivering on these promises isnāt. Daedalus is one of those rare manufacturers who deliver on their promises, and seem to be anxious for input from musicians on possible improvements.
       Daedalus cabinets are hand crafted with the belief that true hardwood cabinetry helps to produce a more developed and complex sound. All of their cabinets are made from carefully selected oak, cherry or walnut, utilizing dovetail joints, the strongest and most attractive of woodworking joints. Special orders for cabinets made from maple or ash are also available on request. The durable hand rubbed finish of these cabinets is water and alcohol resistant. and Daedalus offers a padded slip cover or road case for the touring musician.
       The promotional information for their cabinets stresses that they are built like furniture and I can say that upon first look, fine furniture indeed! The gorgeous cherry wood cabinet we were sent not only looked stunning but actually smelled good. This is definitely a piece of furniture that would not be out of place in the finest living room environment.
       The speaker systems used by Daedalus are hand soldered, utilizing heavy gauge, oxygen-free copper cable; high power audiophile crossovers and rugged drivers; and are manufactured for them in the USA. The choice of eight inch speakers is a good one as you donāt face the problem of having to Īroll offā the lows like you would with a 12 inch or 15 inch speaker. I found the sound to be tight and focused, as well as warm and natural.
       The choice of power amp and pre amp for our review was made by Daedalus and they chose a Rane AP-13 pre-amp, and a Hafler 1500 Transnova power amp. The first thing I noticed about this combination was the nearly Īhernia inducingā weight of the whole system; this is not a combination that could be practically carried around without a cart. The Rane pre-amp is a graphic EQ type and while it performed well, I would choose the Pendulum stereo pre-amp which features parametric EQ and is also an option Daedalus offers. The choice of the Hafler power amp caused me even more discomfort. The Hafler unit is definitely a Hi-Fidelity piece of equipment, but as such is very heavy, and takes two spaces in a three space rack set-up so as to leave no room for a reverb unit. The Stewart PA-200 power amp that Daedalus also offers would be my choice if I were putting my dream system into this cabinet.
       As this is not a specific review of the Rane pre-amp or Hafler amp, and given my preference for a Stewart, and Pendulum package instead, I will conclude by saying that the cabinet and speaker system manufactured and assembled by Daedalus is simply the best looking, and sounding I have seen and heard, delivering a wide frequency range, and producing a rich tapestry of harmonics, and subtle nuances, as they promise.


       Mr. Jensenās preferences for different components than those which I sent to him, further illustrates the versatility of a component based system. All of the components mentioned in this review are of the highest quality; how they are combined are a matter of individual needs and preferences.
       The speaker cabinet reviewed does have four rack spaces, but the power amp in this unit takes up two. We make several other styles and models of speaker systems that work with a variety of the available electronic components for most amplification needs, from bass to theater sound systems. There are many options available including covers to protect the cabinets. While Iām very appreciative of Mr. Jensenās comments about our furniture quality woodwork, I would just like to reiterate, the main goal here is sonic excellence. -AM

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