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Sitting in a well made bench places the body in a straight, relaxed posture, reducing strain and encouraging the natural flow of vital energy.
Whether you're sitting for meditation or pleasure our solid hardwood bench will make sitting straight easy. The angle of the bench and desk positions your head in proper alignment with the rest of your body, so you won't feel tension in your shoulders and neck.
A simple elegant design, comfortable in any décor. These handcrafted desks and benches are built to last a lifetime, relying on precise wood joinery instead of screws and hinges, to provide a solid foundation for your sitting.Of course, we use renewable North American hardwoods; Oak, Cherry and Walnut, with dovetail joints and a hand rubbed finish. Less tangible but just as important is the care and pride of craft in every piece that leaves our shop.
The bench pictured is made of Oak.

price : $59.

The desk pictured is made of
Cherry & Walnut.

price $119.

Meditation Furniture

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